More than 44 years of hands-on experience

Pace-Tech Services, Inc. is one of the oldest GibbsCAM re-sellers with more than 23 years in supporting and training in every area of manufacturing.

These include:

  • Production Milling and Turning (including Mill-Turn)
  • Tool and Die and mold creation including up to 5 axis simultaneous milling and turning.
  • Multi-Tasking-Machining (MTM) support for any number of axes and turrets including full 5 axis simultaneous machining of virtually any CAD format solid/surface model.
  • Library of more than 5,000 working library post-processors and support for virtually any CNC format.


GibbsCAM Software

For over 23 years, Pace-Tech Services has offered best-in-class CAD/CAM Software that emphases the user and minimizes learning. Do you want to design and/or make parts, or spend your time learning to use software?

The GibbsCAM System is modular and can be expanded as your needs and requirements dictate.

The entry level GibbsCAM Production Mill is a simple – to use yet powerful wireframe 2D and simple 3D geometry creation engine and tool path generation.

  • img_gibbscam_1When Turning is added (or as a stand-alone), you have Mill-Turn include support for turning centers with live tooling capabilities.
  • img_gibbscam_2 GibbsCAM 2.5D Solids allows for the creation or importation from nearly every CAD solids modeling package. Solids can easily be imported, aligned and machined by applying the toolpath directly to the solid model. Using the Profiler allows for flawless feature selection and interrogation for machining.
  • img_gibbscam_3GibbsCAM 3D SolidSurfacer allows for full solids creation and machining including new and advanced support for high-speed machining strategies and support
  • img_gibbscam_4GibbsCAM Full 5Axis Simultaneous modules support a complete set of toolpath requirements on these very difficult-to-program machine tools. We also have an extensive proven library of post-processors to minimize your startup and learning times and allowing you to get those parts out the door on-time and at a profit.
  • img_gibbscam_5 GibbsCAM Wire-EDM provides the user with complete control over the Wire-EDM machining operations. Post processors for all major brands of Wire-EDM machines are included.

GibbsCAM is the leading CAM system on the market today. Call us for a demonstration and let us show you why progressive companies are abandoning older technologies and are upgrading to GibbsCAM

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